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Below you’ll find a list of the Foundation’s main funds. From unrestricted to Community Grants to Imagination Library and more, there are many options to support your community foundation.

Please click the “Donate Now” button to give today! If you would like to designate a fund for your gift, scroll down for more information. If you don’t designate a fund, your gift will be used where it’s needed most. If you’re interested in other ways to give – transfer of stock, gift of real estate, designating CFGV as a beneficiary of an IRA or life insurance policy, etc. – please contact Lauren Kugler.

Our EIN is 31-1650658.

CFGV Annual Fund
CFGV Annual Fund dollars are used to support all Foundation activities outside of grantmaking including special programs and initiatives and nonprofit capacity building.

Community Grants Program
In its Community Grants Program, the CFGV funds nonprofits that work for the greater good of the region in the areas of arts and culture, community development, environment, education, human services, athletics, recreation, historical tradition and preservation or domestic animal protection and welfare.

Imagination Library
In collaboration with Dolly Parton’s Dollywood Foundation and CFGV donors, every month a new, carefully selected book is mailed to each preschool child in Gunnison and Hinsdale counties who is registered with the Imagination Library program. Reading to a child during preschool years is the biggest boost toward a successful education we can give our children. Valley children are excited to grow their very own library and look forward to “their” mail arriving. In Dolly’s own words, “If my Imagination Library helps turn the dreams of a child into the promise of a bright future, then one of my biggest dreams will come true.”

Defensive Driving Scholarship
The Defensive Driving Scholarship sends youngsters with driver’s permits to MasterDrive for a weekend of incredible instruction with professional drivers.

Cornerstone Endowment
Cornerstone Endowment Fund (Unrestricted) for the number of years you pledge. This donation constitutes your first installment.

Charter Endowment
Charter Endowment Fund (Grants) for the number of years you pledge. This donation constitutes your first installment.

One Goal, One Passion Scholarship Fund
Matt Howard and Chris O’Neill, seniors at Gunnison High School in 2014, created the One Goal, One Passion Scholarship fund to benefit the graduating class of 2026 – those youngsters in kindergarten the year the fund was established.  The scholarship guidelines call for a balance of both academic achievement and community engagement.  The winner(s) of the scholarship(s) will also have attended school in the Gunnison School District from kindergarten through their senior year.   Matt and Chris invite YOU to contribute . . . think future!  The amount of the scholarship(s) given in 2026 will depend on contributions given through the years and the growth of the invested funds.

Patti Bouchard Bippus Fund
To honor her devotion of education, Patti’s family created the Patti Bouchard Bippus Fund at CFGV.  The fund is endowed, which means it will endure forever – and Patti’s name will live on in the Valley as though she were still with us. Read More….

Matthew Van Eaton Fund
Matthew’s friends and family chose to celebrate his life through a permanent fund that will benefit nonprofits in the Gunnison Valley forever. To read more about Matthew and the fund created in his memory, click here.

Featured Community Funds

Gunnison Valley Education FoundationGunnison Valley Education Foundation
Enriching Education for Everyone! Read More…

Choice PassChoice Pass
Support our students’ healthy choices! Learn More…

In addition to CFGV funds, part of our role as a community foundation is to steward community and donor-advised funds. Please click here to peruse a full list of funds held by CFGV.


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