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Better Together
Notes from Director’s Desk

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Who’s Right?

The internet makes it easy to think we’re “right”. Because whoever it is out there writing algorithms keeps us bombarded with messages that sound like everyone agrees with us. That must make us “right”, yes? Of course not.

Synchronicity and Interconnectedness

  Notes from the Director's Desk     I believe in synchronicity. Sometimes things do seem to come together for no apparent reason.  I also believe that we are all interconnected and interdependent. This whole valley and every single person in it. Doing what’s right . . . for the people, the place...

Tough Stats and Inspiring Stories

  Notes from the Director's Desk     Spring brings busy days to the Foundation.  Scholarships, awards, grant reports, grant proposals, ongoing fundraising, quarterly reports.  Sometimes it’s hard to stop long enough to breathe. We do all slow down when reading grant reports, though, digesting...


2019 Community Grant Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 Community Grants Awardees!

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