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Better Together
Notes from Director’s Desk

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The Fabric of Our Community

“Stories make it possible for us to be human.” – Daniel Taylor

The Devil’s in the Details

Community foundations are not easy organizations to understand, though we are always striving to make it so.

The Third Leg

  Philanthropy, continued: “Goodwill to fellow members of the human race; active efforts to promote human welfare.” “An act or gift made for humanitarian purposes.” The acts and gifts made this year have been legion. But here I want to acknowledge every one of our 100+ nonprofits. If we...


COVID-19 Recovery Fund Deadline

Applications are currently being accepted through Monday, July 5th, at 5:00 PM.

Upcoming Nonprofit Network in Almont

Join us for the next Nonprofit Network meeting on June 7th at the Almont Resort. There’s no set program for this gathering, so come and just have fun!

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