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Better Together
Notes from Director’s Desk

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Let’s be clear about community…

All of us who write or speak in public (especially my nonprofit friends) use the word “community” a lot. So does the newspaper. So do people in meetings. And I’ve begun to notice that depending on the setting or context, the word can have very different meanings.

Two, Four, Six, Eight

Do you remember the chant “2, 4, 6, 8 – who do you appreciate”? I do – from somewhere in my distant past. I think it was a cheer when I was in high school. It isn’t the rhyme that grabs me, it’s the sentiment.

The “Now”, Responsibility and Choice

It’s nonprofits that can help move the needle in so many areas where we see unmet needs. It’s up to us to give the good Triple Ts – Time, Talent and Treasure. So, in your moments of being in the “now” – choose your T. Volunteer, serve on a board, make a gift. Share yourself. Research proves you’ll be happier and you’ll live longer!


Collective Impact – Coming Together to Address Complex Issues

Join Ona Crow of OMNI to go beyond collaboration, using collective impact to produce extraordinary results, together.

Nonprofit Network – March 2019

  CFGV Community Grant Guidelines   Date: Thursday, March 28thTime: 8:30-10amPlace: Almont Resort  Join CFGV to discuss this year’s Community Grant Cycle – ins and outs, dos and don’ts – 2019 Application Guidelines and answering YOUR questions! More information as the date approaches....
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