Strategic Plan

About CFGV

Strategic Plan 2022-2024


CFGV inspires and connects people so everyone can thrive.

Our mission is to strengthen and enrich the community through engaged philanthropy, thoughtful grantmaking, strategic education and collaborative leadership.


Strategic Elements to achieve our Vision:

Connect resources to community needs

    • CFGV works with donors to amplify their impact by offering a holistic approach to mesh donor interests with community needs.
    • CFGV maintains the capacity and expertise to manage diverse donated assets.
    • CFGV enables everyone, of any age and income, to be a philanthropist

Be a community leader

    • CFGV provides a framework to facilitate inclusive community engagement.
    • CFGV works to build public will to understand and address the diverse and interconnected community needs.
    • CFGV works to increase the effectiveness of community organizations through training, education, partnerships, and funding.

Provide stability to meet long-term community needs

    • CFGV leverages financial resources and community expertise through its programs to increase impact.
    • CFGV measures and communicates the impact of its work to build trust and ensure alignment with community needs.
    • CFGV ensures flexibility to meet the long-term needs of the community through financial assets, staff, volunteers, and governance.
Objectives to work toward meeting identified Strategic Elements:
    • Design and implement a robust communication strategy by Q3 2022 to help eliminate gaps and support CFGV Strategic Elements.
    • Develop a process by Q4 2022 for measuring the impact of CFGV programs and services on the community.
    • Design and implement a donor engagement program by Q2 2023, defining donors, creating essential elements, and developing program performance metrics.
    • Develop a framework by Q4 2023 for identifying, defining, measuring, and reporting on community needs.
    • Develop a framework by Q4 2024 to facilitate inclusive community engagement.
Guiding Values

Integrity                               Stewardship                       Transparency                                     Inclusivity

*Annual plans outline specific goals to work toward and achieve identified Objectives with regular (twice annually) staff and Board review of the Strategic Plan to ensure alignment.

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