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How does CFGV work for the Community?

We operate somewhat like a United Way — using today’s dollars for today’s needs in this high mountain valley where we live and play.

And, we also develop, steward and preserve permanent resources . . . that will sustain and enrich our community far into the future.

CFGV is your Community Foundation and we are “Here for Good” . . . for you, for the nonprofits we help keep strong and

for the communities in the valley we call Paradise.

You have told us that:

1) Nonprofits define the character of our Valley,

and 2) everyone can be a philanthropist.


We believe you!  And we invite you to make a difference today that will last forever.

Efforts to build community start with a single word.


Community Grants

Betty the Book Nook

Jessica McNary, Kindergarten teacher at Lake School, was out walking in her neighborhood on a warm weekend afternoon. As she walked by the bus stop shelter, where Betty the Book Nook “lives”, Jessica saw a very excited little girl. With a happy smile, the little girl showed Ms. McNary the shelves of “FREE BOOKS!” Ms. McNary asked why she was so excited. The child told her she didn’t have any books at her house and, “I can borrow as many books as I want! I even picked some out for my parents. I’m coming back for more as soon as I read these,” she shouted as she ran toward home. The Book Bus program staff refreshes Betty the Book Nook in the bus stop shelter as part of the route every Friday.

Your gift to Community Grants means more books in the hands of more people. And so much more than that. A record 42 Community Grants were awarded in 2020!

Your gift provides enhanced programming for adults with disabilities. More mentorship pairings. Increased stewardship and trail maintenance on our public lands. Access to the arts and early childhood education. Furthering community connections . . . and more.

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Your Gifts In Action!

Through CFGV, your gift goes to work creating a Gunnison Valley where the full range of human needs is addressed by the community…by changing one life at a time.

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What is Happening at the CFGV?




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COVID-19 Recovery Fund Deadline

COVID-19 Recovery Fund Grant applications being accepted until 5 PM on September 28.

Notes from the Director’s Desk

Feeding the People

It’s easy to read about 54 million people experiencing hunger nationwide this year and think our high mountain valley is immune. Not true.

A Dynamic Culture of Giving

Seven years ago, I accepted a job with the Foundation largely because of my desire to work closely with as many people and organizations in the Gunnison Valley as possible. That still holds true.

The Perfect Paradise

This is my last Foundation column and I’ve thought about what I might say this week. There really isn’t any “last wisdom” I want to impart.

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Children – building blocks of the future.

Tyler’s mom and dad separated right after he turned three. Being shuffled between his parents’ homes and experiencing different routines and expectations made Tyler angry and unsettled. He soon started preschool and was lashing out verbally and physically at the teachers and other children. 

However, Tyler and his parents were quickly supported by teachers and counselors with positive tools and resources. With consistent routines, curriculum, and a social and emotional development focus, Tyler is a new kid! Happy and engaged, he’s thriving at school and at home.



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