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Community Foundation of the Gunnison ValleyVisionary folks — like you — ARE the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley.
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Community Grants

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How does CFGV work for the Community?


We operate somewhat like a United Way — using today’s dollars for today’s needs in this high mountain valley where we live and play.

And, we also develop, steward and preserve permanent resources . . . that will sustain and enrich our community far into the future.

CFGV is your Community Foundation and we are “Here for Good” . . . for you,  for the nonprofits we help keep strong and for the communities in the valley we call Paradise.

You have told us that:

1) Nonprofits define the character of our Valley,
and 2) that everyone can be a philanthropist.

We believe you!  And we invite you to make a difference today that will last forever.

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Efforts to build community start with a single word.
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Community Grants

Two Young Women and Gunnison Valley Mentors

Growing up isn’t easy. And it’s more difficult if your family’s income isn’t enough to meet basic needs. Or you’re in a single-parent household . . . the victim of abuse or neglect . . . or bullied at school.

Your gift to Community Grants supports the local youth who will be the leaders of tomorrow. You’re improving the hand they’re dealt in life.

“I can’t believe Monica is a senior! I was matched with Monica through Gunnison Valley Mentors five years ago. We get together regularly.  It’s never forced.  It never feels like anything but a strong friendship. Through fun in the snow and smoothie dates. Through the loss of my first child and the birth of my second. Through heartbreak and growing-up girl drama. From pumpkin carving to Snapchatting late into the night, I’ve watched her grow.  I truly believe we’ll be friends for life.  I signed up for Mentors to support youth. What I didn’t know was that she’d be supporting me, too.  I’ll be forever grateful.  I’m honored to have watched her grow from a beautiful girl into an incredible young woman.  I can’t wait to see her continue to rock her life!” -Erin

Your gift today brings stories to life through Community Grants. Stories of youth, of animal rescue, of vibrant and engaging arts and culture, and so much more. By giving to CFGV, you’re assured your gift meets needs, shows measurable results, and demonstrates community impact.

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It’s not just about their ABCs…

CFGV Story Spotlight – Project Hope

Danielle was sexually assaulted by someone she considered to be a friend. She didn’t feel safe. She didn’t feel like she had control over the protection of her own body. Hear her story in the video below. Warning: Danielle’s story is an honest portrayal of sexual assault and the emotional toll it can take. Watch at your own discretion.

Through CFGV, your gift goes to work creating a Gunnison Valley where the full range of human needs is addressed by the community…by changing one life at a time.

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What is Happening at the CFGV?



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Collective Impact – Coming Together to Address Complex Issues

Join Ona Crow of OMNI to go beyond collaboration, using collective impact to produce extraordinary results, together.


2019 Community Grant Awards

Join us for this special annual event on Tuesday, July 9th between 4:30 and 6:30 pm. It will be held at the BRAND NEW Center for the Arts in Crested Butte.

Notes from the Director’s Desk

Affirmations and a New Paradigm

It takes finding solutions out of the silos of government, business and nonprofits – and posits that working together, across sectors, is the way to solve the gritty issues.

Let’s be clear about community…

All of us who write or speak in public (especially my nonprofit friends) use the word “community” a lot. So does the newspaper. So do people in meetings. And I’ve begun to notice that depending on the setting or context, the word can have very different meanings.

Two, Four, Six, Eight

Do you remember the chant “2, 4, 6, 8 – who do you appreciate”? I do – from somewhere in my distant past. I think it was a cheer when I was in high school. It isn’t the rhyme that grabs me, it’s the sentiment.

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Children – building blocks of the future.

Tyler’s mom and dad separated right after he turned three. Being shuffled between his parents’ homes and experiencing different routines and expectations made Tyler angry and unsettled. He soon started preschool and was lashing out verbally and physically at the teachers and other children. 

However, Tyler and his parents were quickly supported by teachers and counselors with positive tools and resources. With consistent routines, curriculum, and a social and emotional development focus, Tyler is a new kid! Happy and engaged, he’s thriving at school and at home.



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