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You make it happen.  You make a difference.

Thank You!

Whether you already have a fund at the Foundation, plan to start one or contribute to one, you’re at the right place on our website!  We hope you find helpful information here . . . and if you need more, you can always call us at 970-641-8837 or 970-349-5966, or email Lauren.

Through a gift to the Foundation or through a permanent fund at the Foundation, you can invest in our Valley.  No matter your interest and passion, you can have a significant positive impact.

Your intent determines the purpose for which gifts are made, or you may entrust that decision to the Foundation’s Board of Directors

Your gift to initiate an endowed fund will live on for generations to come.

You can realize almost any charitable intent through the variety of fund types offered by the Foundation.

There is no charge to make a gift or create a fund and the procedure is simple.  If you do create a fund, administrative fees are reasonable and services are personal and confidential.

“We love the Gunnison Valley and have been second home owners in Crested Butte for 20 years. We give to CFGV because it is such an important part of making the valley the wonderful place it is for people to live, work, and play.”
Roger & Sandy D.


Why Give?

There are as many reasons for giving as there are donors. Whatever the amount, though, the motive is the same: to make a difference beyond a random act of kindness and to make that difference for more than the tax incentive the gift provides. Donors give because it feels like the right thing to do.

The Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley can help you identify and refine your motivations for giving. When we do that together, your giving can be more satisfying and more effective, and you can take philanthropy to the next level – for today and for tomorrow.

A Personal Connection
CFGV’s staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with you individually. We can answer your questions on effective grantmaking, the type of fund that will most closely match your goals, and the assets you can use to start a fund at the community foundation.

Pursue your Passion
Arts and culture, youth mentoring, education, community agriculture, environmental protection – there are an abundance of worthy nonprofits serving our community. Let us help you connect your passion with action by matching your interests to causes you care about.

We steward charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits – for the betterment of life in our wonderful high mountain valley!

“Our business – like most around here – depends on our community, so it makes perfect sense to make sure we complete the circle.  The Foundation gives structure to our plan to give consciously.  Nonprofits play such an important role in our lifestyle here; this is our way of saying “thanks for what you do.”  And doing it through the Foundation is just so easy.”  (Excerpted from an interview with Pam Montgomery, ED, CFGV.)
Dave H.

Donor, Resource Engineering, Crested Butte

Benefits of Giving Through the CFGV

Why should you give through
Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley?

Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

A Living Legacy or Anonymity You choose the name and purpose of the fund you create, leaving a permanent legacy for yourself or those you honor.  On the other hand, grants from your fund can be given anonymously.

Grantmaking Expertise  Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the Valley We can help you make informed giving decisions.

Creative and Easy Ways to Give From simple cash gifts to complex gifts, we offer you abundant choices to make current or deferred gifts and work with you and your professional advisor, if you choose, to identify your best giving option.

Maximum Tax Benefits  Your contributions qualify for the maximum allowable deduction for income, gift, and estate tax purposes since the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, as classified by the Internal Revenue Service.

Low Administrative Costs and Quality Investment  If you have a fund, administrative costs cover all Foundation services and our investment fees are low because our funds are pooled.  A large gift to a small nonprofit can create issues if they don’t have the proper procedures for handling a large or complicated gift.  Working through the Foundation assures your gift is invested well and available to the nonprofit in a way that makes the most sense for ultimate impact.


Which Charity?

Organized non-profits provide reach, leverage and consistency that can’t be matched by the millennia-old model of individuals helping those they encounter in the community. It’s one of the extraordinary success stories of the industrial age that they’ve been able to have such a worldwide impact with relatively few resources. As our choices continue to increase (yes, there’s now a long tail of philanthropy), it gets ever more important that we make conscious choices about what to support and how.

Click here for a few questions with no right answers, questions that might help you think about where you want to allocate your charitable support…

“Thank you for making it feel so good to give my money away!”

Rose Z.


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