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Your Community Foundation is Here for Good. While today’s dollars are for today’s needs through annual Community Grants and other avenues, the Board has a strong focus on forever. Your clients can live forever in the Gunnison Valley through CFGV in many ways. A bequest, gift of property, designating charity as the benefactor of life insurance or IRAs…the list goes on.

From supporting the Foundation’s Forever Fund or Charter Endowment to designating a particular area of interest, choices abound through CFGV. Call us with questions and for additional information at (970) 641-8837.

Download our Resources for Strategic Philanthropy brochure by clicking the image below, and read on to learn how one advisor sees how starting a fund with CFGV creates a win for everyone.


How one Financial Advisor Creates a
Win-Win-Win-Win for Clients and the Gunnison Valley


Long-time Gunnison, CO local and Western Colorado University graduate Rose Zealand has been in the financial services industry for over a decade. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER  professional and Chartered Retirement Planning Councilor® and recently joined the Denver-based RIA firm Maia Wealth Management where she specializes in End-of-Life Planning. Rose’s tenure in finance has been eclipsed only by her involvement in the nonprofit community, including collaborating with CFGV since 2010.

Rose cares deeply about the Gunnison Valley. Understanding that CFGV is an integral element of the health and vitality of the entire community and an essential support for the nonprofit sector, Rose has connected many of her charitably-minded clients to CFGV to implement her clients’ charitable intentions. She sees this as a win-win-win-win arrangement. Here’s why.


Rose’s clients have benefited from being connected to CFGV. A few examples include:

    • Establishing a DAF for current and future giving and having confidence that their charitable
      intent will be honored across generations;
    • Having a trusted resource to give advice on how/where to direct donations to the most
      needed areas in the community;
    • Avoiding taxable income by issuing a Qualified Charitable Distribution from their IRA;
    • Avoiding capital gains taxes by gifting appreciated stock; and
    • Optimizing gifting strategies to children and charity during life and after death to minimize
      (or eliminate!) taxes to the estate and/or beneficiaries.

Playing a unique role in the Gunnison Valley gives CFGV a bird’s-eye view of the changing needs and innerworkings of the entire community. In times of crisis, such as the government shutdown at the end of 2018 and COVID in 2020, for example, CFGV quickly mobilizes resources to nonprofits providing critical services to the most impacted community members. In non-crisis times, CFGV helps to connect and align donors’ gifts of money and time with the local nonprofits that reflect the donors’ values.


By holding DAFs, endowments, and other fiduciary accounts at CFGV versus at a client or
advisor’s financial institution, CFGV collects a residual management fee that supports the
organization’s operations, amplifying their effectiveness in the community. Whether a client
gives directly to CFGV or gives to another nonprofit through their DAF, CFGV benefits. A strong
community foundation is positioned to collaborate effectively with the public and private
sectors to benefit our entire community.


When a client’s resources are aligned with their values and this alignment has the added bonus of strategically managing the clients’ taxes and cash flow, and you are the one to have helped integrate and implement this alignment, you will have a client for life who will readily refer you to like-minded charitable friends and family.


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