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One Valley Leadership Council

For the last decade, CFGV has been an enthusiastic participant in the One Valley Leadership Council (OVLC). Originally called the “Community Builders Task Force,” the group led a multi-year process to identify shared community values for the Gunnison Valley and create a regional plan to build a more prosperous community in the Gunnison Valley. The One Valley Prosperity Strategy and Regional Action Plan debuted in 2016 and led to the name update.

Early successes of the collaboration like the Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee (STOR Committee) and the Gunnison County Community Health Coalition (CHC) gave the group confidence to keep going. OVLC’s foundation relies on mutual trust and collaboration among Gunnison County, our municipalities, nonprofits, and other large organizations in the Gunnison Valley such as Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Western Colorado University and the Gunnison Watershed School District. This collaboration facilitated an effective regional response to COVID. The group’s latest plan is known as the One Valley Resiliency Roadmap.

One Valley Resiliency Roadmap

The Roadmap offers an updated regional plan to address three regional challenges viewed through the lens of three regional priorities:

Regional Challenges

  • Affordable Housing
  • Land Use, Transportation, and Infrastructure Planning
  • Civic Capacity Building

Regional Priorities

  • Build and Sustain Community
  • Create a More Equitable and Inclusive Region
  • Advance Climate Action and Environmental Resiliency

For more on the Roadmap, check out this overview:


For even more on the Roadmap, read the full plan here.

Coming Soon- New Ways to Get Involved

Whether your family has been here for many, many generations or has just arrived; whether you are a person of wealth or not; whether you are young or older; whether you’ve had lots of education or not; whatever your cultural background… you have so much to offer our shared community. We are in the process of building the Civic Engagement Toolkit from the Civic Capacity Action Plan. It will be a full library of resources for different types of leaders: big picture thinkers, people who gather facts and stories to make a powerful case for something, team-players who excel at connecting community members, and people who can motivate others by example or by giving a darn good speech.

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