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Gunnison Valley COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Philanthropy continues to play an important role in helping our community recover from the coronavirus pandemic and we know that, among others, the nonprofit sector has been greatly affected. See a summary of CFGV’s COVID-19 Recovery Fund grants here.

Over the past two years, we have worked closely with compassionate individuals, the Emergency Management team, nonprofits and government agencies to connect resources with needs. We continue to remain nimble and flexible as needs change.

Thanks to our donors, CFGV has granted $428,586 to the nonprofits and public programs serving the most vulnerable residents in our community!

COVID-19 Recovery Fund Donors

As of January 2022, the following generous individuals and organizations
have donated to the Gunnison Valley COVID-19 Recovery Fund:

Anonymous (2)
Adventure Wellness
Loren Ahonen
Margaret Alcock and Steven Voet
Mary and Richard Allen
Kathy and AJ Alt, Sr.
Sandy Anderson O’Banion
Monica Ariowitsch
Shella Barclay
Susan and Norman Bardeen
Jim Barron
Carol and Bill Bennett
Phil Berggren
Sue and Fred Berry
Joan Binkow
Steve Bolton and Bob Valentine
Debbie and Larry Brannian
Donna and Dick Bratton
Jane Brennan
Deborah and Russell Brown
Linda Fay Brown
Tina Brudzinski
Emily and John Bruno
Kara Buckley and Karl Zachar
Buell Foundation
Mary and Steve Bunt
Ashley and Kendall Burgemeister
Lenni and Bill Burke
Judy and Al Carnes
Penny and Joe Carrithers
Monica Carter
Mary Anne and Nick Chirekos
Susan Christenson
Pamela Christian
Loretta and Jeffrey Clarke
Terry and Dave Clayton
Colorado COVID Relief Fund
Colorado Real Soap Company
Ronda Connaway
Susie and Reggie Coon
Colleen McShane Cope
Alicia and Greg Corliss
Kathleen Cortner
Betty and Scott Cox
Judy and Allen Cox
Crested Butte Rotary Foundation
Lynn Cudlip and Mark Daily
Kathleen Curry and Greg Peterson
Peter and Cathy Carpenter Dea
Barbara and Arlo DeKraai
Shelly Deshotels
Laura and Terry Detlefsen
Rachel Dickson
Lauren and Garrett Dimon
Susan and Paul Doak
Joel Dobbs
Sandy and Roger Dorf
Erin and Noel Durant
Laura and Josh Egedy
Cathie and Curtis Elliott
Sandra Estess
Maryo Ewell and George Sibley
Katie and Steve Felice
Donna and Scott Fishman
Kathleen L. Fogo
Barbara Frase
Brenda and Boe Freeburn
Maggie and Paul Freeburn
Christe and Tim Fretthold
Rosalyn Garvey
Nancy and Peter Gauss
Laurilane Gery
Ann Gibson
Karen and Doug Gorman
Laurie and Michael Gottlieb
Beverly and Balie Griffith
Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority
Diane and Daniel Haberman
Noelle and Richard Hagan
Sarah Hagel
Joan Ham
The Hausdoerffer Family
Anne Brazeau Hausler
Don Haver
Lucy Hecker
Jill Higgins
Christine Holbrook
Fred Holbrook
Paul Holden
Julia Hornaday
Roanne and Jonathan Houck
Lezlie and David Hudiburg
Val and Jeffrey Jaquith
Karen Jensen
Bonnie Jean Johnson
Sally Johnson and Doug Bradbury
Jay Jones
Katz Amsterdam Charitable Fund
Bettye and Gary Keiser
Pam and Rich King
Barbara Klingman
Arlene and Jerry Kowal
Lauren and Tim Kugler
Mary Jo Laird
Anne Lamkin Kinder
Ann Landwehr
Paula Lehr and Art Mears
Cathy and Jeff Lewis
Emma Lohr
Kathy and Jim MacAllister
Mallika Magner
Heidi Magnus
Heather and CJ Malcolm
Lawrence Malcolm
Beth Marcue
Stacey L. Mark
Melody and Kenny Marks
Marilyn and Thomas Marshall
Todd Marshall
Caroline McLean and Franklin Stern
Judy and Bob McNamara
Berit and Colby Deer
Rita M. Merrigan
John Messner
Katherine Meyer
Garland Middleton
Sherry and Kendall Mikesell
Kelli and Christopher Mize
Pam and Pat Montgomery
Angela Moore and Bill Miller
The Moore Family
Cindy and Gid Morrison
Steven Moss
Brooke and Hayden Moran and Paul Tame
Courtenay and Tom Murphy
Luisa and Eric Naughton
Julee Nelson
Sue and Scott Noreen
Susan and Mike Padon
Holly and Ken Palmer
Emily and Bob Pannier
BJ and Bill Parker
Jan Parker and Marcel Medved
Sharalee and Boyd Pederson
Perri and Mike Pelletier
Margaret Platt
Blair Pogue
Anthony Poponi
Stephanie Porter
Tom Prather
Carolyn and Bill Reimer
Joanne and Paul Reynolds
Richard Almgren Insurance Agency Inc.
Gail and Kip Richards
Robbie Robinson
Rocky Mountain Health Foundation
Anne and Bill Ronai
Megan Rooney
Marsha and Alan Rose
Nancy Ruehle
Laurel and Tom Runcie
Jim Runner
Lynne Rupp and Douglas Brothers
Ruth H. Brown Foundation
Margaret and Jeremy Saunders
Katya and Ben Schloesser
Roselyn and Daniel Schuster
Brenda Seidel
Kathy and Jim Seitz
Daphne and Jay Shipowitz
Mary Lou Skinner and Rocky Kimball
Janet and William Smith
Cindy Smock
Carol and Bud Spector
Anne Steinbeck
Bonnie and Rob Strickland
Molly Susla
Alyssa Swenson
Roy and Heath Talbert
Kelly and Kirt Tattersall
Judi Theis
Lisa Thompson
Andy Tocke
Marilyn and Jeffrey Train
Tredway Family
Kaylonn and Doug Tredway
Martha Watson Violett
Jim Watson
Jessica Welborn
West Elk Marital Arts
Shaunacee Wilkinson
Becky and Joe Williams
Leah and Wynn Williams
Willa and Jordan Williford
Marcia and Charlie Wireman
Karen L. Young
Rose Zealand
Dana and Andris Zobs

COVID Applications Funded March, 2021: $91,000

The Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley (CFGV) awarded $80,000 awarded to the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation and $11,000 to the Gunnison County Early Childhood Council.

$80,000 in funding to the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation is the largest grant made in the history of CFGV and will be a catalyst to starting the new GVH countywide support network to immediately aid community members experiencing a mental health crisis. This program, in conjunction with GVH’s new behavioral health department, will aid law enforcement in responding to calls.  Additionally, $11,000 was awarded to the Gunnison-Hinsdale Early Childhood Council (ECC) to continue the established COVID sick leave fund for local childcare centers.

COVID Applications Funded February, 2021 - $36,150

Gunnison County Health and Human Services received a $35,000 award, made possible through CFGV’s partnership with the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation. The intent was to relieve hardship for the community’s most vulnerable people, will be used to help them pay rent and utilities, meet basic needs, pay for mental health counseling, and provide internet access for children’s schooling needs. Additionally, the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center received a full grant request of $1,250 for baby and nursing supplies, transportation, and virtual parenting education.

COVID Application Funded December, 2020: $30,000

Thanks to the generosity of the City of Gunnison $30,000 in funding helped to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on Gunnison’s early childhood centers and the families they serve. Furthermore, CFGV’s COVID-19 Recovery Fund closed out the year with 26 organizations having received over $300,000 in funding, thanks to the generosity of over 200 donors, including substantial contributions from the Colorado COVID Relief Fund and the Katz-Amsterdam Foundation.

COVID Applications Funded October, 2020 - $10,000

Two key leaders in addressing mental health, CB State of Mind (CBSOM) and the Center for Mental Health (CMH), have been working to address this growing mental health crisis and increase suicide awareness. CBSOM and CMH were each awarded $5,000 to continue their efforts in these areas as part of the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley’s (CFGV) tenth round of Gunnison Valley COVID-19 Recovery Fund grant awards.

COVID Applications Funded September, 2020 - $3,000

Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League: $3,000 to continue providing pet supplies, shelter, veterinary care and spay/neuter assistance for those impacted by COVID-19.

COVID Applications Funded July/August, 2020 - $92,500

Crested Butte Film Festival: $1,500 to support a special screening of a suicide awareness film this fall. The film will be free to the public to reach the broadest audience possible.

Emergency Food Network: $75,000 was awarded to address both short and long term food needs in the community. The Emergency Food Network is comprised seven local food entities: City of Gunnison Senior Center, Crested Butte Farmer’s Market, Gunnison Country Food Pantry, Gunnison County Health and Human Services, Gunnison Farmer’s Market, Living Journeys, and Mountain Roots Food Project.

Gunnison-Hinsdale Early Childhood Council: $11,000 was granted to Gunnison County Early Childhood Collaborative, representing five local childcare centers. This grant is to help mitigate the financial burden placed on childcare employees when they are unable attend work due to recently enacted, stricter illness procedures.

Western Colorado University: $5,000 was granted to Western Colorado University for 2,000 reusable face masks for students, faculty and staff.

COVID Applications Funded June, 2020 - $18,750

Crystal River Valley Nonprofit Food Co-op: $3,000 to expand Marble Charter School’s food program for kids in need to those children’s families, making fresh, local produce and nutritious meals available.

Gunnison Country Food Pantry: $3,500 for the newly-formed Emergency Food Network (comprised of eight local organizations working on hunger relief) to advertise details of food opportunities up and down Valley for anyone in need of food assistance.

Gunnison County Department of Health & Human Services: $10,000 to assist local individuals and families with rent, utilities, and other basic needs (This award was made possible through partnerships with the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation)

Project Hope of Gunnison Valley: $2,250 to provide rental and utility assistance as well as shelter and transitional housing expenses for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

COVID Applications Funded May 29, 2020 - $26,676

Gunnison Arts Center: $5,000 to work with the Center for Mental Health to develop and administer a collection of art classes and activities that will help participants understand their emotions and learn new tools and techniques for coping and moving forward.

Gunnison Country Food Pantry: $2,400 to provide seven kid-friendly suppers each week to 50 families in extreme poverty. This effort compliments breakfast and lunches already provided by the school district.

Gunnison Valley Health: $9,276 for two programs:
–  $6,000 to provide mental health resources to Senior Care Center residents who have been isolated in their rooms since March
–  $3,276 to provide 39 meals to 21 of our community’s lowest-income senior citizens in partnership with the City of Gunnison Senior Center

Mountain Roots Food Project: $10,000 to provide food to those in need through pop-up markets in high-need neighborhoods and home delivery of fresh food boxes.

COVID Applications Funded May 15, 2020 - $25,000

Gunnison County Department of Health & Human Services: $15,000 to assist local individuals and families with rent, utilities, and other basic needs. (This award was made possible through a partnership with the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority)

Hispanic Affairs Project: $10,000 in rental assistance for Gunnison County immigrants who have lost their income due to coronavirus who do not have access to unemployment or federal stimulus money. (This award was made possible through a partnership with the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority)

COVID Applications Funded May 1, 2020 - $16,700

Gunnison Valley Health: $6,700 to connect isolated Senior Care Center residents with loved ones via iPads and to increase community access to the Hospital’s Peer Support Specialists for folks struggling with mental health, psychological trauma or substance abuse

Center for Mental Health: $5,000 to provide counseling for people who have lost their jobs or don’t have access through health insurance

Gunnison County Substance Abuse Prevention Project (GCSAPP): $5,000 for a peer-developed program to offer young people who request it access to two free, confidential wellness sessions with a mental health provider

COVID Applications Funded April 17, 2020 - $41,670

Crested Butte State of Mind: $5,000 to provide teletherapy to help address the rising demand for mental health services

Gunnison Country Food Pantry: $2,000 to continue meeting the growing need to help feed hungry families countywide

Gunnison County Department of Health & Human Services: $16,000 to assist local individuals and families with rent, utilities, and other basic needs (This award was made possible through partnerships with the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority and the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation)

Gunnison Watershed School District: $4,000 to continue providing daily breakfast and lunch to local school children.

Hispanic Affairs Project: $8,000 for rent, utilities or other basic needs of Gunnison County immigrants who have lost their jobs and do not have access to unemployment or federal stimulus monies (This award was made possible in partnership with the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority and the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation)

Marble Charter School: $1,000 to provide food for 14 families in need of assistance

Mountain Roots Food Project: $5,670 to serve 380 meals to 95 families unable to make ends meet because of the COVID crisis.

COVID Applications Funded April 3, 2020 - $25,590

Gunnison County Health & Human Services: $7,500 for 15,000 face masks to meet safety and protection needs for front-line medical staff and volunteers

Six Points Evaluation and Training: $5,000 to meet the need for increased services for Six Points clients during the Coronavirus pandemic when group support and social interaction in the community are not available 

Gunnison Valley Mentors: $4,000 to provide remote mental health services for at-risk youth while isolated at home 

Mountain Roots Food Project: $2,840 to provide meals for the parents of school children who are receiving food on weekends

Project Hope of Gunnison Valley: $2,250 to provide support in the form of emergency shelter, food and rent/utility assistance to victims of domestic violence at a time when rates of violence are increasing significantly

KBUT Community Radio: $2,000 to provide on-air question-and-answer sessions with public health personnel

Gunnison Country Food Pantry: $1,000 to provide food for urgently needed relief in Somerset, CO

Lighthouse Pregnancy Center: $1,000 to purchase diapers, formula, and other needed supplies for low-income pregnant women and their newborns

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