The “Now”, Responsibility and Choice

new-year-365-possibilities CFGV New Year

It’s a fresh new year. Actually, right this minute and as you read this sentence, it’s a fresh new minute.  It’s our choice to be in the moment – or not.

Yes, we learn from the past, yet we don’t have to drag old baggage with us into our “now”. Yes, we have to plan for the future, yet we don’t have to agonize about what could happen tomorrow or next week. Let’s take time to learn from our mistakes and choose to go forward with hope and optimism.

I caught a moment of Deepak Chopra on TV a few weeks ago and he said something I’ve said multiple times – probably even in this column. (It was nice to have the affirmation.) I can’t remember his exact words (or mine), but the thought is, “we probably can’t do much as individuals to have an effect on what’s happening nationally (except to vote and write our elected officials) but what we do at home can really make a difference in our own community”.

I think we do a pretty darned good job in this valley of taking care of our neighbors – and I also think we can do even more. It’s a matter of choice – of looking at our “place” with a sense of responsibility. To do things to right those things that are wrong. To tap into our potential for the possibility of living beyond the “OK, good enough”.

Some of my wishes and hopes for the New Year in the Valley:

  • I wish every child and adult enough to eat
  • I wish every family adequate housing
  • I wish no one’s heat bill will come in higher than their rent
  • I hope that we have not a single suicide in 2019
  • I hope everyone stops and listens with compassion to those they think they disagree with – assume the people you are talking to know something you don’t
  • I hope we all take time to love more, hug more, care more
  • I wish every child under five would sign up for Imagination Library
  • I wish there were slots for every child who wants to be in preschool
  • I wish for an absence of domestic violence
  • I hope everyone who lives here feels welcome and safe
  • I hope everyone respects our forests and public lands

Now here’s the kicker – not one of us can make those things happen by ourselves. Together, as a community, we can move the needle where we choose. Let’s choose to make a difference.

Each nonprofit in the Valley has a mission that meets a niche need. Nonprofits across the country respond to needs that aren’t met by government or private business. Very few nonprofits (anywhere) have earned income adequate to support their work.

Yet it’s nonprofits that can help move the needle in so many areas where we see unmet needs. It’s up to us to give the good Triple Ts – Time, Talent and Treasure.  So, in your moments of being in the “now” – choose your T.  Volunteer, serve on a board, make a gift. Share yourself. Research proves you’ll be happier and you’ll live longer!

Donors:  Please know how much each and every nonprofit in the Valley values, loves and respects you.

Nonprofits:  Keep on moving those needles . . . and show the love to your donors and volunteers.

Community;  Let’s learn from the past and face the future with optimism and good grace. And let’s remember the personal responsibility we have for ourselves, our families and our community.

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