Local Entrepreneur Launches Donor Advised Fund

Kyleena Falzone, Secret Stash and Bonez owner, entrepreneur, Mom, and passionate community member was motivated to positively give back to the community. After leading and cultivating an outpour of generosity to feed the community free dinners for 84 days straight last spring, she was inspired!

Upon realizing her impact could be even greater than her community contributions to address hunger amid the onset of the pandemic, Kyleena called CFGV and enthusiastically said “I have an idea to share!” This led to Kyleena recently creating a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), “Stash Cash.” She also began working on a podcast, launching soon. Now, her efforts to positively impact the community can be done while affiliating with CFGV to allocate financial resources toward a multitude of nonprofits. Kyleena’s community leadership and partnership with CFGV is a great example of putting an idea into action to make a difference within the Gunnison Valley.

To learn more about starting a Donor Advised Fund, contact Erica at erica@cfgv.org.

Ky Stash Cash Launched

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