What’s Your Vision Like?

Most of us have 2020 vision  . . . in hindsight!

Things aren’t always as clear looking forward. And, here we are, entering a new decade. It’s a great time to assess how we want to “be” in this new era.  How are we each going to grow? What can we learn? How can we make our relationships stronger and the community more robust? How can we “be the best we can be”?

Thich Nhat Hanh and Eckhart Tolle both tell us to be mindful and be present. When we look back at this new decade at the end of 2029, will we be able to say that we each made a difference? “Our own life has to be our message.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh   That’s a powerful lesson for me as an individual.  Ruminate on those words for a moment and put them in your own context.

I think the common meaning of being mindful and present is not to rush into things, and to take stock before acting – and then take action in a way that will make a difference in a creative, positive way. And, I think that Ghandi said it in a way we all understand. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

This month, Western Colorado University celebrates Martin Luther King Day with “A Day On, Not a Day Off”.  Hundreds of students will be working around the valley volunteering! Hooray! That’s a way to live life making a difference!

Nonprofits in our Valley have missions that are all about making life better for their constituencies – and their Boards and staff members work every day to create positive change for individuals or for the community as a whole.

As the Gunnison Valley Volunteers website grows more robust, you’ll find a boatload of ways to make a difference through volunteering . . . for community events and nonprofit needs. Volunteering lets you be in the moment and make a difference. Sign up today and get started! Studies show that those who are involved in the “place” they call home are healthier and live longer. A toast to the many volunteers in the Valley!

As we each take a moment to reflect, let’s keep in mind what we want to say in 2029 about the decade just past and the part we played to make it truly meaningful in the history books about Gunnison County yet to come.

Even though Tolle stresses living in the moment and not looking forward or back . . . I find it useful to do a little of both. Recognizing how the past has shaped me and having a deep passion to make a difference in my community, I have a desire to know that I will indeed live my own life in a way that it is my personal message.

Vietnamese-born Hahn is a Buddhist, German-born Tolle takes wisdom from many beliefs including Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism and the Bible. Their messages have much in common. In order to be our best, we must “know who we are in our essence” ~  Eckhart Tolle. Looking outside ourselves, there’s also the “golden rule” from both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible . . . and apparent in many other religions. Do unto others . . .

Donors: Every thoughtful gift you designate to a nonprofit makes life better for someone.  Thank you!

Nonprofits: Every service you provide makes it possible for someone to “be” in their own moment because you care.

Community: Take advantage of the Volunteer website (gunnisonvalleyvolunteers.com) and let’s make the 2020 decade abound with moments that matter.

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