Types of Funds

CFGV Donors



Your very personal approach to giving

Donor Advised Funds allow you to actively participate in the grant-making process over time. You – and those you name – may recommend grants to the Board for organizations that matter most to you at a given time. This type of fund affords the flexibility to change the organizations you support through the years. The advised fund is especially useful if you want to take a charitable deduction in one year and make distributions over several years, or if you wish to involve your family in your ongoing charitable giving. Find more information on resources for strategic philanthropy using a Donor Advised Fund here.


Support specific nonprofit agencies

One or more nonprofit organizations or public agencies identified by you can benefit through a designated fund. Designated funds can offer some advisory participation from you as the donor without the restrictions of donor advised funds. For example, you can choose to advise how much and how frequently to grant to the organizations you’ve designated while still being able to put IRA rollover and other charitable vehicles to work for your fund.


Connect with your area of passion

A field-of-interest fund supports organizations in a general area of charitable interest. They could include funds that support health, social services, the arts, environment, education, or a geographical area. These funds give the Foundation grantmaking discretion within the specified area of interest. Field of Interest Funds are established by donors who wish to make an impact in a specific area of interest or in broad areas of concern, i.e., the arts or human services. The Foundation Board of Directors then exercises grantmaking decisions.



Other Fund Types


A way to manage funds for capital projects with administrative help

On a case-by-case basis, the Foundation will consider holding capital funds for nonprofit agencies in the Valley with active building campaigns.


For a particular community purpose

Most often a fund is for a short-term charitable community project, or the Foundation may provide administrative support for a fledgling charitable organization not yet designated as 501(c)(3) .


Reliable revenue for your organization’s mission

Establishing an agency endowment at the CFGV helps nonprofit organizations ensure the future with perpetual support for their work or services. CFGV staff are available to advise boards, staff, and donors to enable building an endowment that will last forever. By starting an endowment with the Foundation, an organization’s board can rest assured that future boards will not have the power to dip into funds meant to remain permanent or to serve a specific purpose.


Invest in the future of our youngsters

Scholarship funds can support a wide variety of educational needs of students and frequently honor a member of a family, a leader in the educational field, or even a friend. Scholarship funds can be specific to one high school or open to all in the CFGV service area and can be founded by individuals, families, or organizations. Scholarship Funds are tailored to meet the intent of the initial donors. Learn about CFGV’s current scholarships.

Whatever type of fund a donor chooses to begin, and the Community Foundation provides all the administrative support to honor the donors’ philanthropic intent. Of course, any donor who wishes to remain anonymous may do so.


“The valley has offered such opportunities personally and as a business.  REG’s fund at CFGV is a great way to give back.  It’s painless!”
Dodson H.

Resource Engineering Group (REG)

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