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About Maxwell MacAllister

Maxwell MacAllister

Maxwell MacAllister

This scholarship is dedicated to my grandfather, Maxwell MacAllister, whose career as a teacher, coach, and principal spanned forty years for public schools in rural Iowa, from 1926 to 1966.   “Mac” was the first in his family to graduate from college.  His son Jack MacAllister, my father, once said:  “My Dad was a teacher, and my father-in-law was a teacher, so the idea of improving educational opportunities for everyone is a tribute to the work they did in their lifetimes.”

Educating youth has always been the primary focus of the MacAllister Family Foundation, established by my parents.  The Maxwell MacAllister Scholarship is awarded to Gunnison High School seniors who are the first in their family to pursue a postsecondary education.

~Jim MacAllister, for the MacAllister Family Foundation


2020 Guidelines

 Who is eligible?

  • Students whose parent(s)/legal guardians have not completed a bachelor’s degree or earned a trade school diploma, certificate or degree
    • Seniors graduating from Gunnison High School
    • Home-schooled students in the geographic area served by Gunnison High School who will receive a high school diploma from an accredited institution

What is the intent of the Scholarship?

  • To provide tuition assistance for educational endeavors beyond the high school level for students whose immediate family have not completed a bachelor’s degree or earned a trade school diploma, certificate or degree

Where can the scholarship be used?

  • Any accredited college or university in the United States
  • Any accredited vocational school in the United States

What is the scholarship award?

  • Initial award of $1,000 for the first year of school, $500 per semester
  • $1,000 for additional years ($500/semester) until the course of study is complete provided it is 4 years or less and the following conditions are met:
    • Maintaining a 2.5 grade point average
    • Maintaining full time enrollment (12 or more credit hours)

What is the criteria used to determine the winner?

  • Involvement in community service outside of school projects or school-related extracurricular activities
  • Academic merit – maintaining at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA throughout high school

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