Bill’s Story

Bill's StoryYour gift empowers Bill with choice. After working hard and saving all his life, Bill is diagnosed with cancer at age 62. Unable to work, Bill is using his savings for extensive chemo and radiation. Nearing the end of his treatments, Bill’s hoping he will be able to return to work again soon. Until then, he relies on the local food pantry to help with groceries.

It used to be that Bill was handed a pre-packed box of food, determined by government guidelines. Among other items, the box often contained peanut butter and milk. Bill’s allergic to peanut butter. His stomach won’t tolerate dairy during his cancer treatment. Bill feels terrible wasting food, and he would usually donate those items back to the pantry, working with what was left in his box. Often, he would skip a meal to make it last.

Your support is helping the food pantry transform into a “choice pantry” through a grant from the Foundation. Bill can now shop much like you would in a grocery store, choosing food he’ll use and leaving items he won’t for others. This freedom is empowering and maintains dignity in a time of need.

Your gift helps Bill get over the hump – from cancer treatment to remission and back to a more regular life. You can make more stories like these possible with a gift today. 

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