Join some of the leading minds in our community for two evenings of knowledge sharing,
visionary thinking, and the presentation of ideas that can help move us
into a brighter and healthier future.

Both events are free to the public, but seating is limited,
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TICtalks on Main

Tuesday, September 6, 2022 – 7:00 pm
Gunnison Arts Center – 102 South Main Street, Gunnison

Meet the presenters:


Matthew Aronson

Matt Aronson is a sociologist and professor who directs Western Colorado University’s newest graduate program, the Master of Behavioral Science (MBS) in Rural Community Health. One of his habits is noting how communities pursue durable social changes, especially structural ones meant to boost people’s mental and physical well-being. Part of his perspective in community conversations is to emphasize the links between economic policy (e.g., housing and income supports) and human health. Matt also has an interest in social contradictions, including the one about how our human need for individual-level stability coexists with our habit of creating institutions that destabilize people’s lives.


Ian Billick, PhD

With a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC-San Diego, Ian has been the Executive Director of RMBL since 2000, building a scientific institution serving field scientists and students. He has been active in local politics, currently serving as Mayor of Crested Butte and on Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District. He previously chaired Gunnison County’s Planning Commission for almost 4 years and has been active with the schools, serving on CB’s accountability committee and taking a leading role in the mill levy override. He is senior editor of the book Ecology of Place (Chicago University Press) and led a national strategic planning effort funded by the National Science Foundation for field stations and marine laboratories.


Drew Brookhart

Drew Brookhart is the Executive Director of Gunnison County Library District. As a librarian, Drew is focused on furthering individual discovery and lifelong learning by championing intellectual freedom and a democracy of culture. Drew has a personal and professional interest in developing systems that improve the accessibility of library collections through technical architecture. Throughout his career he has maintained a focus on helping communities create physical spaces that serve as educational and cultural anchors. Most recently Drew has helped the Gunnison County community create a new public library.


Delaney Keating

Delaney is a seasoned entrepreneur and change agent. She successfully owned, operated, and exited her first company and has since been dedicated to fostering ingrained cultural values for innovation and entrepreneurship. Until recently, she served as Executive Director of Startup Colorado, an organization dedicated to rural entrepreneurs’ resources, networks, and success. An iterative professional, who likes complex puzzles, she has recently returned to the private sector as Managing Director of Pando Telecom. Delaney is a systems thinker and creative problem-solver who enjoys catalyzing culture within teams and orchestrating the many facets of a company vision. No matter what role she’s in, she is an unwavering believer in the potential of ideas, the people behind them, and the places they create.

TICtalks on Sixth

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 – 7:00 pm
Center for the Arts – 606 Sixth Street, Crested Butte

Meet the presenters:


Jenifer Blacklock, PhD

Dr. Jeni Blacklock is a recognized leader in engineering education and has mentored over a thousand engineering undergraduate and graduate students. Jeni has been an innovator in engineering education, bringing in over $2.5M of funding for engineering education initiatives over the past 5 years. Jeni is an advocate and strong believer of industry collaborations and real-world projects for students, supporting community initiatives as well as student experiences. The notion that alone we can do so little; together we can do so much (Helen Keller), is the moto that Jeni lives by daily within the community and in life.


Chris Cappy

Chris Cappy is a change management expert, educator, entrepreneur, executive coach, and curator of learning experiences that develop high performing teams. His value proposition is focused on innovation in service of delivering better, faster execution results, driving requisite change and building new capabilities. Having founded three successful consulting businesses, Chris and his teams have over three decades of work experiences with over 50 companies in over 40 countries including a decade of leading significant large-scale change initiatives for General Electric (WorkOut & CAP) and nearly five hundred problem solving sessions for IBM under the banner of ACT (Accelerate Change Together). Chris deeply cares about people and about results, believing that we all here with a fundamental mission, to give and to grow.


John Hausdoerffer, PhD

Dr. John Hausdoerffer is an author, teacher, philosopher, and organizational founder who lives in Mt Crested Butte, CO. He has authored and edited books such as Catlin’s Lament: Indians, Manifest Destiny, and the Ethics of Nature; Wildness: Relations of People and Place; What Kind of Ancestor Do You Want to Be?; and Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations. Dr. John has co-founded the Clark School of Environment & Sustainability, The Coldharbour Institute, The Resilience Studies Consortium, and the Mountain Resilience Coalition. He believes that being a good ancestor begins with understanding the place-based ecological bases of our identities and continues with the willingness to joyfully fight for the conditions necessary for those ecological bases to thrive. When not serving as Dean of the Clark School of Environment & Sustainability, Dr. John can be found with his daughters working on his shack above Pitkin or pursuing his daughters’ 100th consecutive month of skiing in the Elk Mountains.


Jeff Hermanson

As an award-winning developer and place maker, Jeff Hermanson has directed transformative projects for more than four decades. He’s best known as a principal partner in the restoration of Denver Union Station and the 27-year owner and steward of Larimer Square, where he created an iconic cultural institution, and at one point, the highest density of chef-driven restaurants in the country. Jeff’s ongoing collaborations with chefs and the founding of Good Food 100, a rating system for sustainable restaurants, earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Restaurant Association in 2019, when he was inducted into the Colorado Food Service Hall of Fame. Jeff is currently a partner at Urban Villages, the Denver-based real estate development firm that recently broke ground on Populus, a Jeanne Gang-designed lifestyle hotel destined to be an architectural masterpiece and the first carbon positive hotel in the country. In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Jeff is devoted to creating regenerative food systems that support residents and entrepreneurial farmers in the Gunnison Valley — all part of his desire to “change the food paradigm,” enhance the vibrant restaurant scene, and support the community where he and his family reside.

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