CB State of Mind’s Green Light Campaign is in Full Swing

Crested Butte State of Mind (CBSOM) has had such a big impact on the Gunnison Valley already that it’s hard to believe it has only been around since 2019. Founded to address the increasing concern around the mental health needs in our Valley, CBSOM aims to reduce the high rate of suicide in Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley through decreasing stigma, increasing support and education, and increasing access to mental health care.  From their start through the end of 2023, CBSOM partnered with 31 therapists and 2 telehealth organizations to offer therapy scholarships to 354 community members totaling 3,778 sessions.

“We’ve been a proud partner with CBSOM since the beginning,” said Lauren Kugler, CFGV Executive Director. “The organization started under fiscal sponsorship with CFGV. Fiscal sponsorship is a way for a new organization to start raising funds and building awareness and support for their mission and programs before their formal paperwork to become a recognized nonprofit organization goes through. We provided guidance and a home base for CBSOM as their new board worked to get all their ducks in a row.” Since then, CBSOM has secured several grants through the Community Grants cycle and used the Sustainable, Tough, Efficient, and Purposeful (STEP) Program for mentoring, board development, and fundraising. “We are honored to be a small part of their vital impact on the Valley,” shared Lauren.

April is typically a very difficult time in the Gunnison Valley. Many people who work seasonally face a reduction or complete loss of income as the ski season ends. For others, they continue to earn money, but lose a valuable recreational outlet or face isolation as friends and family leave the Valley for off-season travel. Even before the 2022 State of the Community Report flagged this time of year as critical for mental health, CBSOM was stepping up to fill in the gaps.

April 2024 marks CBSOM’s 4th annual Green Light Campaign for Mental Health Awareness in the Gunnison Valley. Community members swap out one bulb (or more!) at their home or business with a free green light courtesy of CBSOM to show that we’re all in this together and no one has to face their mental health challenges alone. This campaign is a favorite of community members as you can see in the video below.

In addition to the green lights, CBSOM has also partnered with organizations valley-wide to offer a range of free events. From dance classes to movie showings and more, the events are fun, low-key, and alcohol-free. There is still time to jump in and participate. Head to CBSOM’s green light project page to get more information on green light pick-up locations, read about the remaining events, or make a gift to support CBSOM’s mission and programs.

While April may be the month of the year that CBSOM is most visible across the community, their board, staff, volunteers, ambassadors, and partner therapists are working year-round to support the health and wellbeing of our community members. To keep up to date on their efforts and ways to get involved, you can sign up for their email newsletters at cbstateofmind.org or follow them on Facebook or Instagram. It’s okay to not be okay and we are all stronger together.

Confidential, Professional, Immediate 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 844-493-8255 or Text TALK to 38255 or call 911 for Emergencies

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