One Valley Many Voices

Board, Advisory Council & Staff


Doug Tredway, President, Gunnison; Superintendent of the Gunnison Watershed School District

Jacob With, Vice President, Gunnison; Attorney, Law of the Rockies

Don Haver, Secretary, Crested Butte; Community Development Volunteer

Dave Clayton, Treasurer, Mt. Crested Butte


Kathy BarnhartGalveston, TX and Crested Butte; Community Volunteer

Mike Beatty, Salina, KS, and Almont

Tina Brudzinski, Gunnison County; Alpine Express; Owner, Mountainside Bookkeeping

Alisa Corey, Gunnison County; Mountain West Insurance

Roger Dorf, Dallas, TX  and Crested Butte; Retired High-Tech Executive, Private Investor

Laura Egedy, Crested Butte; Owner, Laura Egedy Designs

Mark Ewing, Gunnison County; Mortgage Broker, Benchmark Mortgage

Noelle Hagan,  Gunnison; Organizational Development Consultant

Anne Hausler, Gunnison

Jim MacAllister, Gunnison County; Owner and Broker, Rocky Mountain Real Estate

Jo Ann Macy, Almont and New York City; Community Volunteer

LeeAnn MickGunnison; Retired Teacher, Current RE1-J School Board Member

Boyd Pederson, Gunnison; Financial Advisor, Pederson Financial Services

Robert Pickering, Houston and Crested Butte; Chairman of Starworks, LLC

Greg Salsbury, Gunnison; President, Western State Colorado University

Kelly Sudderth, Mt. Crested Butte; Owner, Kelly Sudderth CPA

Pam Montgomery, Ex-Officio, Gunnison County; Executive Director, Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley


Fred Berry, Wichita, KS and Mt. Crested Butte; Chairman, Berry Companies

Richard Bratton, Gunnison; Attorney, Hoskin, Farina and Kampf, PC

Fred Buxton, Oklahoma City, OK and Crested Butte; Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Tim Fretthold, San Antonio, TX and Mt. Crested Butte; Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer of UDS Corporation, Ret.

Rob Gentry, Denton, TX and Gunnison County; Chairman of the Board, Northstar Bank

Roger Hemminghaus, San Antonio, TX, and Almont; Ret. Chairman & CEO Ultramar Diamond Shamrock

Aaron “Huck” Huckstep, Crested Butte; Attorney, Huckstep Law

Anne Lamkin Kinder, Houston, TX and Crested Butte; Artist

Steve Ogden, Gunnison; Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Susan Lawhon Padon, Houston, TX and Crested Butte; Community Volunteer

Lis Meeker, Chicago, IL and Mt. Crested Butte; Independent Investment Management Professional

Diane Mueller, Gunnison County and Ludlow, VT; Co-Owner, Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Florence Mullins, Dallas, TX and Almont; Community Volunteer

Stephanie Seymour, Tulsa, OK and Crested Butte; Federal Judge

Rob Strickland, Gunnison; Owner, Midnight Marketing Solutions

Janice Welborn, Gunnison; Director of Sponsored Programs, WSCU

Jane Wyman, Almont


 STAFF – 970-641-8837

Pam Montgomery, Gunnison, Executive Director,  Email

Lauren Kugler, Gunnison; Creator of Opportunities, Email

Margie BlackCB South; Office Manager, Bookkeeper and Administrative Associate, Email

Maryo EwellGunnison; Nonprofit Programs and Education, Email