Janice Welborn

Janice excels at bringing public and private stakeholders together to address community issues and has a reputation for building strong teams that accomplish their objectives. Owner of Welborn & Associates, LLC, Janice brings years of experience in organizational effectiveness with non-profits, school districts, and community health organizations using excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with diverse groups in a diplomatic and professional manner. As the Director of Sponsored Programs at Western Colorado University, she assists in the development of grant funded projects and activities and oversees research administration for federal, state and private foundation grants. She is passionate about finding strategic solutions to organizational challenges and thrives on working with unique alliances to bring engagement and sustainability to outcome based projects. She has trained and mentored leaders and mid-managers, served as an interim executive director in the non-profit world, is a skilled facilitator, strategic planner and competent communicator helping organizations engage and leverage collaborative partnerships and activities which support the mission of an organization. Project management, evaluation and dissemination go hand-in-hand with marketing, public relations and brand development in many of the projects and contracts she works on. She currently as the chair of the Grants Policy & Review Committee for the CFGV. Employing best practices, Janice delivers innovative, creative, and effective approaches committed to the needs and goals of organizations in both the public and private sectors.

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