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Rob Gentry

Robert GentryRob Gentry earned his Finance degree while worked his way through Texas Tech University as a bank teller. Upon graduation he became an Examiner with the U. S. Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, serving from 1970-1974, from 1974 to 1992, Rob worked in several positions for the Ford Bank Group including Sr. Vice President/Director FNB- Plainview, organizing President/Director, United National Dallas, President, United National Denton, President/Director, FNB-Borger and Organizing President, Ford Capital of Dallas. In 1992 he left the Ford Bank Group and co-found a Dallas based Investment Management Company serving community banks throughout Texas, including Lake Cities State Bank in Lake Dallas. In 1995 he joined the Board of the Lake Cities State Bank and began orchestrating a new business and management plan for the bank. Through this plan the Lake Cities State Bank added Tony Clark and a new banking team and expanded from a single location to NORTHSTAR’s footprint of 10 locations in North Texas at the time the company was merged into Carlile Bancshares in July of 2012. Rob now serves as Senior Chairman of NORTHSTAR BANK and Director of Carlile Bancshares.

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